Top Reasons to Schedule Emergency AC Repair Services

Like any other major appliance, your air conditioner may malfunction or break down due to age, improper operation, or inadequate maintenance. If you experience problems with your cooling system, it’s imperative that you know when to call for emergency AC repair services to efficiently resolve any issues and restore your air conditioner to its optimal functionality.

The experienced professionals at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning offer 24-hour emergency AC repair services to homeowners throughout Beaver County, PA, and the surrounding areas.

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Top Reasons to Call for Emergency AC Repair

Annual maintenance can help prevent most major repairs, but if your air conditioner stops working or is exhibiting any of the following symptoms, call for service right away!

Reduced Airflow

A sudden lack of airflow throughout your home may be a sign of one of the following:

  • Dirty or clogged air filter – Before calling for AC repair, check the filter and replace it if needed.
  • Frozen evaporator coils – Coils may freeze due to insufficient clearance around the outdoor unit, a dirty air filter, dirty coils, or a refrigerant leak.
  • Malfunctioning AC blower – The blower fan is responsible for forcing the air through your vents, but if it becomes dirty or worn, airflow may be reduced.

Strange Odors

Under normal circumstances, your AC should not emit any odors, but if you notice a musty smell blowing from your vents, you may have mold growth due to water leakage or excess humidity. A burning smell from the blower or outside unit may be a sign of faulty wiring, blown circuitry, or system failure, requiring immediate investigation from a licensed professional.

Loud or Unusual Noises

Sudden loud or unusual noises such as squealing, screaming, grinding, or hissing are indicative of loose, worn, or malfunctioning components. Turn off the unit and call for emergency AC repair to avoid further damage.

Lack of Cold Air

If there is warm air blowing out of your supply vents, first check the thermostat to ensure that it is set to “Cool” rather than “Heat” and that the setpoint is several degrees lower than the current temperature in the room before calling for emergency AC repair.

Refrigerant or Water Leakage

Condensation is a natural by-product of your cooling system, and a small amount of water leakage may occur from time to time, but if you notice large amounts of standing water around the unit, call for immediate repair.

AC Not Working

If your AC is running but not cooling, or won’t turn on at all, check the circuit breaker to ensure there is power to the unit. If the breaker is off, turn it back to the “On” position, but if it blows again, leave it off and call for emergency AC repair services.

Schedule Emergency AC Repair Services in Monaca, PA

For over 60 years, BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning has been providing reliable, efficient HVAC services to homeowners in and around the Monaca area. If you need to schedule emergency AC repairs to keep your home cool and comfortable, don’t hesitate to ask us for fast and dependable services today.

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Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

One of the top reasons why homeowners in Beaver Valley call to schedule air conditioner repair services is to solve water leaks from the indoor or outdoor unit. Although this may seem like a small AC repair issue at first, you’ll want to schedule services as soon as possible to avoid damages!

In a normal air conditioning system, the unit absorbs excess heat from your home and helps to control the relative humidity. When hot and humid air meets the cold evaporator coil, water droplets are formed. During normal operation, this condensation simply drains away, but there are a number of issues that may cause pooling around your air conditioner.

Call 724-417-9550 today to reach the experts at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning if you have an air conditioner water leak! Based in Monaca, PA, our HVAC company provides fast and reliable AC repair services throughout the Beaver Valley area.

Why Is Water Leaking from My Air Conditioner?

If left undetected, standing water can cause damage to your home and encourage the growth of mold and mildew. Depending on the cause of the leak, remedies can range from simple to complex, but it’s important that you address the problem quickly to reduce the impact on your home and equipment. Common causes of water leakage include:

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

The condensate line of your air conditioner runs from the overflow pan to the outdoors, channeling excess moisture from inside your home. If the line becomes clogged from algae, dirt, or sludge, water is unable to drain and may spill over the sides and pool around the base of the unit. Without proper attention, this may lead to serious AC repair issues.

Improper Air Conditioner Installation

Air conditioner water leaks may occur if the cooling system was improperly leveled or overcharged during installation, or if the model or size of the unit installed isn’t appropriate for your home’s specific needs.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

There are a number of issues that can lead to a frozen evaporator coil, including:

  • Low refrigerant charge – Reduced pressure causes the evaporator coil to become much colder than normal.
  • Dirty air filter – A clogged filter blocks the flow of air over the evaporator coil, causing temperatures to drop below freezing.
  • Cold weather – Running your AC when outdoor temperatures are below 60 degrees can cause the coil to freeze.

Once the coil thaws, there may be a sufficient amount of water to cause the drain pan to overflow.

Cracked Drain Pan

Over time the pan may rust or crack, allowing water to leak through and pool below the air conditioner. To check for leaks, shine a flashlight from below the pan into the corners, and replace if needed.

Malfunctioning Condensate Pump

Most pumps are designed to remove standing water after it reaches a certain level, but a dirty or malfunctioning pump may fail to do the job.

How Much Water Should Drain from the Air Conditioner?

As your AC removes moisture from the indoor air, condensation is produced—it’s normal to see small amounts of water near the drain pipe or even a small puddle during exceptionally hot, humid weather. However, if you notice a larger leak or one that lasts for more than 24 hours, call BVSM for diagnosis and repair.

Schedule AC Repair in Beaver County, PA

For over 60 years, BVSM has been providing exceptional service to homeowners in the Beaver County area. Our HVAC company is based in Monaca and services the local areas throughout Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, Dormont, Economy, and Moon, PA. If you live nearby, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Contact BVSM today at 724-417-9550 to schedule AC repair or reach us online and let us know how we can help!

Need AC Repair? Know the Benefits of Timely Repair

As summer temperatures begin to climb around the Beaver County area, the key to keeping cool is heading indoors for air-conditioned comfort and relief. In order to ensure the reliability and performance of your cooling system, it’s imperative that you keep up with regular maintenance and timely repairs to avoid making costly mistakes.

When it comes down to scheduling air conditioning repairs in Monaca or Beaver Valley, BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning can help you avoid some of the expenses homeowners face when they put off repairs for too long or don’t know what to look for when their AC is on the fritz!

Are you in need of AC repair services? Call the experts at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning at 724-417-9550 for fast, reliable service, or 24/7 emergency repair. You can also contact us online!

Why Is Preventive Maintenance So Important?

When you call BVSM for annual AC maintenance a skilled, trained technician will inspect, clean, tune, and repair your cooling system to prepare it for the season ahead. The benefits of this valuable service include:

  • Longevity – An HVAC system that is dirty or neglected places undue stress on parts and decreases the overall efficiency of the unit. With routine maintenance and timely repair services, you can help extend the lifespan of your AC and protect your investment.
  • Air quality – During operation, your cooling system continuously circulates the air throughout your home, filtering out allergens and particulates along the way. If the filter or system components are dirty or clogged, these same particles become part of your indoor air.
  • Cost savings – Save money on the cost of energy and repairs by ensuring your AC is operating at peak performance.
  • Comfort – Eliminate hot or cold spots, poor airflow, and frequent on and off cycling with regular maintenance including any necessary repairs.

The Benefits of Professional AC Repair

If you’re thinking about performing repairs or maintenance on your cooling system by yourself, think again. Any work that is done on your AC should be completed by a licensed, certified, experienced professional. The benefits of professional AC repair include:

  • Safety – Your cooling system is made up of a number of moving and stationary parts, wiring, and circuitry. Without the proper diagnosis, tools, and training, you may sustain serious injury attempting to complete the repairs yourself as a result of electrocution, fire, coolant leaks, and more.
  • Knowledge – AC repair is not a DIY project—industry professionals undergo extensive training to learn the intricacies of AC repair, drawing on experience and knowledge to diagnose and repair any issues with your cooling system.
  • Warranty – Any work that is performed by anyone other than a licensed professional can result in nullification of your warranty.
  • Resources – Specialized tools and equipment are needed to complete a number of repairs to your system. That is why the team of professionals at BVSM use the latest equipment and cutting-edge technology to repair your HVAC system efficiently and effectively.
  • Savings – Without the requisite knowledge or equipment, you may cause further damage to your AC by attempting a DIY repair. Save time and money by having them done right the first time! With small repairs now, you can prevent the need for large repairs in the future!

Schedule AC Repair and Maintenance in Beaver Valley, PA

At BVSM, we have over 60 years of experience serving homeowners throughout the Beaver County area. Trust the experts at BVSM for all your cooling needs, including AC installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Call us today at 724-417-9550 or contact us online to schedule an AC inspection in Beaver Valley!

Have You Scheduled Your Spring AC Tune-Up?

Air Conditioner Repair & Maintenance in Monaca, PA

Here in Beaver Valley, Pennsylvania, homeowners are welcoming spring. Unfortunately, as thoughts turn from winter weather to spring flowers and you start making plans for cleaning your home, it’s easy to forget about your HVAC system!

As you prepare to make the switch from heating to cooling, now is the perfect time to schedule your air conditioning maintenance check. With a tune-up in the spring, your air conditioning system will be ready to deliver the cooling service you need when the temperatures start to go up.

Call BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning today at 724-417-9550 for all of your air conditioner repair, maintenance, and tune-up needs.

Why Invest in AC Maintenance?

Your air conditioner works hard to keep your family comfortable all summer long. The best way to ensure that it is doing its job well is with annual maintenance. At your annual tune-up appointment, your HVAC technician will:

  • Find potential problems before they become serious
  • Optimize the air conditioner so it will run as efficiently as possible
  • Clean your system inside and out
  • Replace the air filter to keep the system running cleanly and efficiently
  • Recommend any repairs that would prevent a breakdown

These steps will make your home more comfortable, improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and improve the expected lifespan of your system. Investing in AC maintenance makes sense, as it will keep your system running as long and as efficiently as possible. Schedule your maintenance check today!

Why Spring Is the Best Time to Schedule AC Maintenance

We recommend that our customers schedule their AC tune-up appointments in the spring for a number of reasons. First, spring tune-ups ensure that the air conditioner will be ready for the first hot summer day, whenever it comes. No one wants to turn on their AC for the first time, only to discover that it’s not functional. With a spring tune-up, you can avoid this scenario.

Second, spring is an excellent time to beat the rush for AC maintenance and repairs. When summer hits in full swing, more and more people are going to be calling for air conditioning services. Having your tune-up in the spring will ensure you can get it in before this summer rush.

Finally, having a tune-up in the spring will give you peace of mind that your air conditioner is ready when you need it to be. That peace of mind means you can focus more of your energy on enjoying the fun and activities of spring and early summer, rather than worrying about your home and your air conditioner.

Schedule an Air Conditioner Tune-Up in Beaver Valley, PA

If you want the confidence that comes from knowing your air conditioner is fully functional and efficient, schedule your spring AC tune-up with our qualified team today. We look forward to helping you take care of your air conditioner so it will serve you well.

BVSM’s professional HVAC contractors can help you with professional cooling maintenance services in Monaca, PA. We also service the local areas of Aliquippa, Dormont, Economy, Moon, and Beaver Falls.

Contact BVSM today for air conditioning repair or maintenance when you call us at 724-417-9550!

Why Does My Heat Pump Run Constantly?

Heat Pump FanIf you’re noticing your heat pump is running all the time in your home, it may be a sign that something is wrong. At BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you spot the problem and fix it before it runs up your utility bills.

Located in Monaca, PA, our HVAC company also services the areas around Aliquippa, Dormont, Economy, Moon, and Beaver Falls.

How To Tell if Your Heat Pump Is Running Correctly

Some signs to watch for that indicate you may have a heat pump repair problem include:

  • Ice on the coils
  • Heat pump stuck on one of its modes
  • Reduced airflow
  • Inability to maintain a comfortable temperature

If you’re experiencing these problems in conjunction with a heat pump running continuously, it’s time to give BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning a call at ​724-417-9550 or contact us online to schedule heat pump repair!

Top Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Is Running Constantly

Have you had enough of high energy bills and poor heating and cooling in your home? The following are some reasons why your heat pump may be running constantly and what you can do about it.

Your Thermostat Is Not Set Appropriately

Setting a thermostat too high in the winter or too low in the summer may cause it to run constantly as it tries to keep up with the temperature you set it for.

Make sure the emergency heat mode is not set either. Setting the thermostat incorrectly or realizing someone bumped it to an incorrect setting could cause your problem.

Your Air Filter Needs To Be Cleaned

For a heat pump to run efficiently, it needs a supply of fresh, clean air. If the filter becomes clogged, the heat pump will have to run continuously to keep your home comfortable.

Replacing or cleaning the filter can fix this problem. This service is part of your normal maintenance check, so you should have fewer problems if you keep up with your necessary maintenance.

Your Condensate Pump Isn’t Working

If the condensate pump isn’t working or has become unplugged, the pump will not work as it should. This could cause a variety of problems, including a pump that runs continuously. Check the condensate pump to see if it’s functioning properly.

Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump

If you’re stressing because your heat pump runs constantly, take a breath! Use this quick heat pump troubleshooting guide to review the most common causes that relate to a heat pump running all the time:

  1. Inspect thermostat controls: Before you do anything else, go to your thermostat to ensure all settings are correct. Be sure the system is set to “heat” or “cool” accordingly, that the fan isn’t set to “on,” and that your temperature settings are correct.
  2. Check the outdoor unit: When a heat pump runs constantly, it’s often linked to a failure of the defrost cycle. The heat pump defrosts to rid the condenser of ice, and a heat pump does this in summer and winter. If your outdoor unit is encased in ice and frost, the defrost has failed. Call for service!
  3. Look at the evaporator coil: The evaporator coil for your heat pump is either located in the blower compartment (where you change your air filter) or attached to the furnace. If the coils are dirty, grimy, or corroded, they may be leaking refrigerant or otherwise negatively impacting the heat pump’s operation. This causes it to lose efficiency, resulting in the unit running constantly to make up for the loss in power.

The Difference Between Heat Pumps, Central Systems & Furnaces

While it’s important to note that you should never ignore a heat pump that’s running all the time, it’s also worth noting that heat pumps run more than central systems and furnaces.

While other HVAC equipment provides comfort by essentially blasting your home with temperature-controlled air, a heat pump instead aims to consistently maintain comfortable temperatures more steadily. This means that they run for longer periods, especially in winter.

Understanding Ideal Heat Pump Performance

While a heat pump that runs continuously can be a sign of a problem, sometimes it means it’s working as it should. When temperatures dip below 40 degrees, the heat pump is designed to run almost constantly to keep your home comfortable.

So, if the weather outside is particularly cold, and your system is running constantly, don’t worry. It may mean it’s working as it’s supposed to.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance in Monaca, PA

In addition to knowing the signs of problems, one way to ensure your heat pump is functioning well all year is through proper routine maintenance. A maintenance check at the start of both the heating and cooling seasons will ensure your heat pump is ready to deliver reliable service all year.

If it’s time for your maintenance appointment, call our qualified technicians to discuss your needs. With our help, you can be confident your heat pump will keep your family comfortable.

Call BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning today at 724-417-9550 or contact us online to schedule heat pump services.

Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC System?

Two very important factors help determine if we are comfortable inside our homes: our heating and cooling systems. If your AC unit is blowing hot air, or your furnace is making strange noises, you might be feeling the signs of an impending repair or replacement—in the form of a sweat or a shiver!

As your local HVAC contractors in Monaca, Pennsylvania, BVSM shares a few telling signs you will need to repair or replace your HVAC system.

Did your HVAC system stop working as well as it used to, or did it stop working altogether? Contact BVSM today for HVAC repair, maintenance, or replacement services at 724-417-9550!

Deciding When to Repair or Replace Your HVAC Unit

There are many reasons to choose a heating or AC repair service over a replacement. In most cases, you will realize that the deciding factor comes down to cost, comfort, and convenience. If your HVAC system is less than 10 years old, for example, it may be more cost-effective simply to repair it. If it continues to break down, however, you will find that a replacement may be more effective.

Not every HVAC system is built the same, but you can spot the signs when a replacement is necessary. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if a heating or AC replacement is necessary.

  • Is my AC or HVAC 15 years old or older?
  • Is the cost of repair too high versus a replacement?
  • Have I needed frequent or repeated AC repairs?
  • Do my energy bills keep rising each month?
  • Is my HVAC system consistently underperforming?
  • Am I retiring soon and want a reliable HVAC system?

If you still seem unsure whether or not your existing HVAC system can get by with repair services, give BVSM a call to schedule an HVAC repair inspection. We believe in taking a conservative approach to caring for your HVAC system and aim to prolong its working lifespan as long as possible.

Do you have a question about heating and cooling repair or replacement? Give us a call at 724-417-9550 or contact us online!

When Should I Replace My HVAC Unit?

Once your heating or cooling unit breaches ten years of use, it will begin showing signs of diminished energy-efficiency and operating power. After 15 years of use, you should strongly consider AC replacement services. Here are a few reasons you could benefit from HVAC replacement services:

  1. Recover Lost Energy Efficiency – A Heating or AC replacement can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home, doing away with unusually high energy bills resulting from an overworked unit.
  2. Make the Most of Technology – Modern air conditioners and heating systems use more advanced technology to provide services that are much more energy-efficient and easy to operate than their older counterparts.
  3. Fewer Repairs Needed – Newer air conditioners, heat pumps, or furnaces are built to be longer-lasting to provide homeowners with heightened durability and reliability in all of their HVAC equipment. Fewer repairs mean more money kept in your wallet!

If you are considering replacement services for your furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner, call BVSM to have a professional inspection of your HVAC unit first. We will help you to determine whether an HVAC repair or replacement is ideal and perform the necessary restorative services.


How Does Humidity Affect Home Comfort?

When the air is too dry inside your home, you might find yourself struggling with an itchy or dry nose and hands, too much static electricity in the air, and furniture that creaks or cracks. By contrast, a home that is too humid inside can feel as if you’re engulfed in a wet, hot blanket, unable to feel comfortable no matter how much you run the AC.

For homeowners in Monaca, Pennsylvania, humidity levels in a home make the difference between feeling comfortable or distressed. At BVSM, your local HVAC contractors in Monaca, we can show you how to maintain quality air inside your home to help you save money on heating and cooling, protect your property and your home, and even support your health and quality of life.

What Happens When it Is too Humid in My Home?

If you’ve ever noticed the “feels like” temperature index on the weather channel, you might know that how humid the air is will affect how you feel at a certain temperature. However, it is important to know that humidity also affects how well your HVAC will work for you through the seasons.

When Monaca summers roll in, you may feel heat associated with humidity, regardless if your thermostat stays the same. Your air conditioner could be working in overdrive to pull moisture out of the air and cool your home, but if humidity levels are too high, you could have a number of problems:

  • Muggy, hot feeling in the home
  • Chronic discomfort and inability to sleep
  • Wet insulation
  • Growth of mold and mildew
  • Rotting wood
  • Damages furniture

When your home is too humid, the damages to your home and the increased risks to your health are concerning. To combat humidity and add comfort to your home, consider investing in a modern HVAC system or air conditioner that can handle the hotter months. You may also be overdue for a quality HVAC inspection, which can show you ways to improve your cooling system and reduce humidity.

What Happens When the Air Is too Dry in My Home?

Low humidity can cause an array of problems in your home that you might not know are connected to the moisture levels in your home. Take a look at the following common issues associated with low humidity:

  • Increased static electricity
  • Dry nose, hands, and hair
  • Increased risks of colds, viruses, and respiratory issues
  • Cracked and split furniture, especially on wood surfaces
  • Chipped paint
  • Damaged appliances

Home ventilation systems and humidifiers are powerful solutions that help to add moisture back into the air and maintain ideal indoor air quality in a home. If you have asthma or struggle with respiratory issues, maintaining a temperate home with good moisture levels can be essential for your health.

What Is the Recommended Humidity Level in My Home?

While 30%-60% can be comfortable, the most recommended humidity level of your home is 45%-55% year-round. Test it in your own home to find a setting you like, and stick to it. It can be easy to forget how important moisture is in determining how good you will feel in your home, no matter the temperature!

Do you have a humidity problem in your home? At BVSM in Monaca, Pennsylvania, our HVAC contractors believe you can save a fortune on your heating and cooling costs by understanding what role humidity plays in your comfort indoors. Talk to us today at 724-417-9550 to speak with our heating and cooling professionals about HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, and air quality services in Monaca, PA.

Why Does My Furnace Keep Going Off and On?

When your furnace keeps turning on and shutting off more than its standard three to six times in an hour, this is called short-cycling, and it could be racking up your energy bill. Short-cycling may not seem serious at first, but it’s typically a sign that your furnace is too big, your thermostat is malfunctioning, or a blocked or dirty air filter is making your heat exchanger overheat.

What can you do to perform furnace repair and solve the short-cycling problem? Learn more here about our short-cycling solutions at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning in Beaverton County.

Why Does a Furnace Short-Cycle?

The difference between a furnace that’s operating correctly and a furnace that’s short-cycling comes down to a few small but important observations.

In a typical furnace cycle, a thermostat operates the furnace system to maintain the surrounding air at the desired room temperature. Once the desired temperature is reached, it will shut off momentarily to preserve energy, and turn on again as needed, typically only two or more times per hour.

However, when a furnace turns on and off constantly, this is known as short-cycling. Short-cycling is an inefficient way to heat your home and can be taxing on your heating system, increasing your chances of needing furnace repairs or a premature furnace replacement.

If your furnace turns off and on at an unusually high rate, contact BVSM for affordable heating and cooling services in Beaverton County, PA.

Is Your Furnace Short-Cycling Due to Restricted Airflow?

If you haven’t replaced the air filter in your furnace in over two months, it may be clogged with dirt. Or, if you notice short-cycling even after replacing your furnace’s air filter, you could be using an air filter that’s too restrictive to allow proper airflow.

Reducing your risks of short-cycling starts with using air filters that comply with your specific model and brand of furnace, and remembering to change your air filters regularly. Ask yourself:

  • Have I changed my furnace air filter within the past two months?
  • Does my air filter match my brand and model of furnace?
  • Are the air vent registers blocked by furniture, small objects, or debris?
  • Do the air conditioner coils in my HVAC unit have debris blocking airflow?

Regularly replacing dirty furnace air filters is an inexpensive way to support the optimal use of your furnace and keep it running smoothly.

However, if your furnace continues to short-cycle even after replacing the filters, clearing away room in front of the air vent registers, and cleaning the AC coils around your heating and cooling system, it may be a thermostat issue.

Is Your Thermostat Malfunctioning?

A common mistake homeowners make when they notice their heater or air conditioner isn’t working as well as it should be, is to assume they need HVAC repair before checking that their thermostat is properly adjusted.

To determine if your thermostat is causing your furnace to short-cycle, answer these questions:

  • Is my thermostat turned on and displaying accurate settings?
  • Is my thermostat placed too close to another heat source, such as a heat register?
  • When was the last time I scheduled preventive maintenance for my HVAC system?

Thermostats are highly sensitive to changes in temperature in a room. When they’re too close to other heat sources (even sunlight!), they can shut off, believing the air is too warm. To ensure your thermostat and HVAC system are working properly, routine inspections are highly recommended.

Furnace problems won’t get better on their own – they only get worse. If your furnace is having issues, contact us for furnace repairs in Beaver Valley.

Other Reasons Your Furnace Is Short-Cycling

If your furnace is still short-cycling after checking for a dirty air filter or a malfunctioning thermostat, the cause may be more difficult to determine. It could indicate one of these furnace issues:

  • Your heating system is too big.
  • The furnace has a corroded flame sensor.
  • The chimney or air vents are clogged.

Not all furnace repair issues can be spotted right away. To guarantee a thorough HVAC inspection, contact qualified heating and cooling contractors for professional advice and repair options.

BVSM Furnace Repair, Maintenance & Installation

If your furnace is shutting off and turning on too frequently, call our HVAC contractors at BVSM to inspect your furnace and solve your short-cycling problem.

Contact us today to learn about all our heating and cooling services in Monaca and Beaverton County, PA.

How to Save Energy During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to build fond memories with your loved ones, whether you are baking a large pot roast, synchronizing string lights, or watching the kids run around with their freshly unboxed widgets (or dad’s fancy new drone).

At BVSM, we’d like to share our tips on how to save money during the holidays with energy-efficiency tips that keep the merriment going. If you are looking for specific ways to save energy costs through your HVAC system, you may want to read more about how to save on heating while keeping warm.

5 Ways to Save Energy During the Holidays

Are you looking for ways to save energy during the holidays? Here are 5 ways you can save energy this holiday season:

  1. Unplug All Electronics Not in Use

How much can you save by unplugging appliances? If you think about all the electronics and devices that continue to hum in the night long after you fall asleep, you can come up with a startling idea. Especially before leaving for a vacation, make sure to unplug from any “phantom” energy, even if your devices aren’t turned on.

  1. Invest in a Light Timer

This trick often gets missed by younger homeowners who are setting up Christmas lights for the very first time, but it can be useful for any homeowner, regardless of the season. Whether you want to be the next Clark Griswold or keep it simple this holiday season, applying a timer to your lights will help you save energy, even when you forget to turn the lights out on your own!

*Extra tip: Did you string Christmas lights this year? Remember, 3-6 hours of daily use is more than plenty to display your holiday cheer at the times most people are awake to appreciate it.

  1. Purchase Energy Efficient LED Lights

According to an article by, LED light strings last longer, are safer to use, and are a small fraction of the price of traditional incandescent light strings when compared by daily energy use standards. Although LED Christmas lights have a higher initial price, the difference they offer in overall savings makes them a no-brainer for any holiday decorator.

  1. Keep the Lid on Cooking

If you don’t love homemade cooking on the holidays, you’re doing it wrong! One of the highlights of any holiday party is tasting fresh-baked cookies or chicken pot pie. This year, conserve energy by keeping the lid on your pots and pans to encourage faster cooking and have your loved ones bake holiday treats in larger batches or back-to-back to get the maximum use of your oven while it is on.

  1. Go Wireless

Everyone loves sitting around a wood-burning fire or snuggling up next to candle-light and their favorite book. This holiday season, pay attention to the little things you can do to save money on energy costs. Buy gifts without batteries, teach your guests to shut out lights in rooms that aren’t in use, and if you have a crafter in the family, request a homemade scarf!

Heating Services in Beaver County, PA

Enjoying the holidays is easier when you don’t have to worry about your energy bill. At BVSM, we like to help our local homeowners in Monaca and the nearby area save money on their energy bill with heating and cooling services they can count on in all seasons. From boiler and furnace repair to HVAC installation and replacement, we have you covered.

If your energy bill is unusually high this month, or you are trying to keep costs down, contact our NATE-certified technicians to help you today! We offer quality HVAC services in Monaca and throughout Beaver County, PA.

How to Save on Heating Costs While Keeping Warm

During the long, often bitterly-cold winters in the Beaver County area, heating costs can account for a significant portion of the average household budget. While it may be tempting to simply turn down the thermostat and suffer a bit to save money, there are plenty of ways that you can reduce heating costs without sacrificing your comfort. Here are a few places to start:

Check HVAC System

Whether you have a furnace, a boiler, or a heat pump, proper maintenance and care can help to keep your heating costs to a minimum. At the beginning of the heating season, have a professional inspect your HVAC system and perform all its required maintenance, such as replacing the air filter, cleaning the coils or burners, and lubricating any moving components. Check the air filter yourself every month to help keep the system efficient, and install a programmable thermostat if you do not already have one. By setting the thermostat 10 to 15 degrees lower while you are at work or away from home, you can significantly reduce your heating costs.

Weatherstrip Windows and Doors

Poorly-sealed windows, doors, and exterior openings can cause a significant amount of heat loss during the winter. Install weatherstripping on all your windows and doors and add storm windows or plastic film to especially drafty windows. Use caulk or expanding foam to seal around exterior window and door frames. Install insulated curtains or drapes to hold in the heat at night and open them during the daytime to let in heat from the sun.

Insulate Exterior Walls

Seal any holes in your exterior walls. Often, openings for pipes, electrical cables, dryer vents, light fixtures, and other services can allow heated air to escape your home. Seal these holes with caulk or expanding foam, and repair any damaged siding, molding, or roofing. In the attic, seal around any holes drilled for plumbing vents or electrical cables, and make sure that recessed lighting, ducts, and eaves are properly insulated.

Check Insulation

Having the proper amount of insulation in your home—especially in the attic, floors, and walls—can significantly reduce your heating costs. An energy audit can help to identify areas that lack insulation, are improperly sealed, or have other problems that affect your overall energy efficiency and comfort. Have your home inspected and add insulation as necessary to bring it to current standards.

Heating Services in Beaver County, PA

If you would like to keep your heating costs as low as possible, our team at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning can help. We offer maintenance and repair services for furnaces, boilers, and heat pumps. Our NATE certified technicians can help keep your HVAC system in peak condition, reducing your heating costs, decreasing your energy usage, and improving your comfort. With over 60 years of HVAC experience, you can count on our experts for all your heating and cooling needs!

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