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Cooling Services in Beaver Valley, PA

When the temperature soars and the air becomes saturated with humidity, there is nothing better than the immediate relief of walking into a nice, air-conditioned building. A long summer in the Beaver Valley area can be hard on your cooling system, and if you want to keep it in great condition, you have to find an HVAC service provider that you can trust with all your cooling needs. We offer reliable air conditioning services for all in Beaver Valley and the surrounding areas.

Our team at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning has over 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry, and we are extensively experienced with all types of cooling equipment, including central air conditioning systems, heat pumps, packaged systems, ductless systems and more. We offer a wide variety of cooling services, including routine maintenance, repairs, emergency service, system replacements and new installations. Our company serves residential and commercial customers throughout the Beaver Valley area. We’ve answered your common air conditioner questions to help you learn more about our service!

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Cooling System Maintenance

Today’s cooling systems are extremely reliable and efficient, but they still require regular maintenance to keep them operating at peak performance. Our team at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning can work with you to make sure your system is properly maintained according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, protecting the system’s warranty and your investment. A typical maintenance visit will begin with a thorough inspection of your cooling system, followed by standard maintenance tasks like:

  • Cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils
  • Changing the air filter
  • Cleaning the air handler
  • Lubricating moving parts like motor bearings and pulleys
  • Adjusting or replacing the blower fan belt
  • Inspecting the electrical system for loose, dirty or corroded contacts
  • Checking the refrigerant lines for leaks
  • Verifying proper refrigerant levels

By keeping up with the routine maintenance of your cooling system, you can extend its life span, reduce your energy costs and prevent problems in the future.

Cooling System Repair

Even the best cooling systems will eventually need some basic repairs to keep them operating efficiently and properly. Sometimes the repairs will be minor, like replacing the blower fan belt or changing a failed start capacitor, while other repairs may be more extensive, like replacing a seized compressor. With careful monitoring of your cooling system, you can spot problems early by looking for the following signs:

  • Higher energy usage
  • Poor cooling performance
  • Airflow problems
  • Strange noises
  • Breakers that trip often
  • Frozen evaporator coils

With years of diagnosis and repair experience, our professional technicians at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning can find the root of the problem quickly and offer you the best repair solutions for your needs and your budget.

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Cooling System Installation and Replacement

Once your air conditioning system is 15 or 20 years old, and its operating costs start increasing significantly, it may be time to consider a replacement. A new system can offer much better cooling performance while using less energy and reducing your utility costs.

Whether you have central air, a heat pump, a packaged system or a ductless system, our team at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning can remove it and install a new system quickly and efficiently. In addition to system replacements, we also offer new installations for buildings without existing cooling systems.

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From routine maintenance and repairs, to emergency service, system replacements and new installations, you can trust our team at BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning to handle all of your cooling services.

Contact us online or by phone at 724-417-9550 to schedule an air conditioning service visit or to request a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioning

Has R-22 been discontinued as a refrigerant?

Yes. As of January 2010, the refrigerant R-22 (what consumers call Freon®) is no longer allowed to be used in the manufacturing of new equipment. R-22 was used as the standard refrigerant for many years but has been found to be harmful to our planet due to its ozone-depleting properties.  All new air conditioners and heat pumps use R-410A, which is more environmentally sound.


As of January 2020, R-22 is no longer in production and the supply will become more and more limited.


If you are considering replacing your existing air conditioner, most higher efficiency products have already made the switch to R-410A, so you won’t have to worry about which refrigerant you are using. If your unit is older, you may want to look into what it is using and considering switching to R-410A.

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