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Why Does My Heat Pump Run Constantly?

If you’re noticing that your heat pump is running all the time in your home, it may be a sign that something is wrong. At BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning, we can help you spot the problem and fix it before it runs up your utility bills. Located in Monaca, PA, our HVAC company also services the areas around Aliquippa, Dormont, Economy, Moon, and Beaver Falls.

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Top Reasons Why Your Heat Pump Is Running Constantly

Have you had enough of high energy bills and poor heating and cooling in your home? The following are some reasons that your heat pump may be running constantly, and what you can do about it.

Your Thermostat Is Not Set Appropriately

Setting a thermostat too high in the winter or too low in the summer may cause it to run constantly as it tries to keep up with the temperature you set it for. Make sure that the emergency heat mode is not set either. Setting the thermostat incorrectly or realizing that someone bumped it to an incorrect setting could cause your problem.

Your Air Filter Needs to Be Cleaned

In order for a heat pump to run efficiently, it needs a supply of fresh, clean air. If the filter becomes clogged, the heat pump will have to run continuously just to keep your home comfortable. Replacing or cleaning the filter can fix this problem. This service is part of your normal maintenance check, so if you keep up with your necessary maintenance, you should have fewer problems.

Your Condensate Pump Isn’t Working

If the condensate pump isn’t working or has become unplugged, the pump will not work as it should. This could cause a variety of problems, including a pump that runs continuously. Check the condensate pump to see if it is functioning properly.

Troubleshooting Your Heat Pump

If you’re stuck stressing because your heat pump runs constantly, take a breath! Use this quick heat pump troubleshooting guide to run through the most common causes that relate to a heat pump running all the time:

  1. Inspect thermostat controls – Before you do anything else, go to your thermostat to ensure all settings are correct. Be sure that the system is set to “heat” or “cool” accordingly, that the fan isn’t set to “on,” and that your temperature settings are correct.
  2. Check the outdoor unit – One of the most common culprits when a heat pump runs constantly links to a failure of the defrost cycle. The heat pump defrosts to rid the condenser of ice, and a heat pump does this in both the summer and the winter. If your outdoor unit is encased in ice and frost, the defrost has failed. Call for service!
  3. Look at the evaporator coil – The evaporator coil for your heat pump is either located in the blower compartment (where you change your air filter) or attached to the furnace. If the coils are dirty, grimy, or corroded, they may be leaking refrigerant or otherwise negatively impacting the operation of the heat pump. This causes it to lose efficiency, resulting in the unit running constantly in an attempt to make up for the loss in power.

The Difference Between Heat Pumps & Central Systems & Furnaces

While it’s important to note that you should never ignore a heat pump that’s running all the time, it’s also worth noting that heat pumps run more than central systems and furnaces. While other HVAC equipment provides comfort by essentially blasting your home with temperature-controlled air, a heat pump instead aims to consistently maintain comfortable temperatures more steadily. This means that they run for longer periods of time, especially in the wintertime.

Understanding Ideal Heat Pump Performance

While a heat pump that runs continuously can be a sign of a problem, sometimes it means it’s working exactly as it should. When temperatures dip below 40 degrees, the heat pump is designed to run almost constantly to keep your home comfortable. So, if the weather outside is particularly cold, and your system is running constantly, do not worry. It may mean that it’s simply working as it’s supposed to.

How to Tell if Your Heat Pump Is Running Correctly

Some signs to watch for that indicate you may have a heat pump repair problem include:

  • Ice on the coils
  • Heat pump stuck on one of its modes
  • Reduced airflow
  • Inability to maintain a comfortable temperature

If you are experiencing these problems in conjunction with a heat pump running continuously, give us a call to schedule a service appointment.

Schedule Heat Pump Maintenance in Monaca, PA

In addition to knowing the signs of problems, one way to ensure your heat pump is functioning well all year long is through proper routine maintenance. Having a maintenance check at the start of both the heating and the cooling seasons will ensure that your heat pump is ready to deliver reliable service all year long.

If it’s time for your maintenance appointment, give our qualified technicians a call to discuss your needs. With our help, you can be confident that your heat pump is going to keep your family comfortable.

Call BVSM Heating & Air Conditioning today at 724-417-9550 or contact us online to schedule heat pump services.

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