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How Does Humidity Affect Home Comfort?

When the air is too dry inside your home, you might find yourself struggling with an itchy or dry nose and hands, too much static electricity in the air, and furniture that creaks or cracks. By contrast, a home that is too humid inside can feel as if you’re engulfed in a wet, hot blanket, unable to feel comfortable no matter how much you run the AC.

For homeowners in Monaca, Pennsylvania, humidity levels in a home make the difference between feeling comfortable or distressed. At BVSM, your local HVAC contractors in Monaca, we can show you how to maintain quality air inside your home to help you save money on heating and cooling, protect your property and your home, and even support your health and quality of life.

What Happens When it Is too Humid in My Home?

If you’ve ever noticed the “feels like” temperature index on the weather channel, you might know that how humid the air is will affect how you feel at a certain temperature. However, it is important to know that humidity also affects how well your HVAC will work for you through the seasons.

When Monaca summers roll in, you may feel heat associated with humidity, regardless if your thermostat stays the same. Your air conditioner could be working in overdrive to pull moisture out of the air and cool your home, but if humidity levels are too high, you could have a number of problems:

  • Muggy, hot feeling in the home
  • Chronic discomfort and inability to sleep
  • Wet insulation
  • Growth of mold and mildew
  • Rotting wood
  • Damages furniture

When your home is too humid, the damages to your home and the increased risks to your health are concerning. To combat humidity and add comfort to your home, consider investing in a modern HVAC system or air conditioner that can handle the hotter months. You may also be overdue for a quality HVAC inspection, which can show you ways to improve your cooling system and reduce humidity.

What Happens When the Air Is too Dry in My Home?

Low humidity can cause an array of problems in your home that you might not know are connected to the moisture levels in your home. Take a look at the following common issues associated with low humidity:

  • Increased static electricity
  • Dry nose, hands, and hair
  • Increased risks of colds, viruses, and respiratory issues
  • Cracked and split furniture, especially on wood surfaces
  • Chipped paint
  • Damaged appliances

Home ventilation systems and humidifiers are powerful solutions that help to add moisture back into the air and maintain ideal indoor air quality in a home. If you have asthma or struggle with respiratory issues, maintaining a temperate home with good moisture levels can be essential for your health.

What Is the Recommended Humidity Level in My Home?

While 30%-60% can be comfortable, the most recommended humidity level of your home is 45%-55% year-round. Test it in your own home to find a setting you like, and stick to it. It can be easy to forget how important moisture is in determining how good you will feel in your home, no matter the temperature!

Do you have a humidity problem in your home? At BVSM in Monaca, Pennsylvania, our HVAC contractors believe you can save a fortune on your heating and cooling costs by understanding what role humidity plays in your comfort indoors. Talk to us today at 724-417-9550 to speak with our heating and cooling professionals about HVAC maintenance, repair, installation, and air quality services in Monaca, PA.

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